11:55 Now in Theaters & Available on VOD

11:55 Now in Theaters & Available on VOD

Jun 9, 2017

After winning the Audience Award at the Aspen Film Festival and the River Run Film Festival, 11:55 hits select theaters and VOD today.

 In their feature debut, Ari Issler and Ben Snyder follow a US Marine returning from Afghanistan to his hometown of Newburgh, N.Y. In the course of one day, the marine must face his violent past in the economically fraught town. Co-written by Issler, Snyder, and the star of the film, Victor Almanzar, the film explores a young man suddenly forced to reconcile with his past.

 The LA Times calls the film “a potent first feature… with emotionally gripping results” while The New York Times praises Elizabeth Rodriguez’ performance as the marine’s sister. The Hollywood Reporter writes that 11:55 “offer(s) a satisfying recipe of novelty, action, and compassion.”


Get your tickets to 11:55 by Ari Issler & Ben Snyder — Friday, June 9 —

NYC — https://www.cinemavillage.com/Now-Playing/11-55.html

LA — https://www.laemmle.com/films/42316#get-tickets