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Jihye spent the first eight years of her life on a farm in Korea before making her way to New York City. Her fluency in Korean and English and her ability to navigate diverse cultures have become pivotal strengths in her career, allowing her to bridge connections in various stories. Her career began with voice-over work, where she voiced the Korean tours for iconic exhibitions like the Empire State Building and Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum. 

From her start as a production assistant, Jihye steadily climbed the industry ladder, producing projects for Formula One and NBC Sports before breaking into commercial production. She produced Lady Gaga and Post Malone’s “Dive Bar Tour” for Bud Light, blending celebrities, concert performances, and live activation with cutting-edge technology. Jihye’s commercial directorial debut, “The Commitment Collection” by Equinox on which she also served as a producer, highlighted her versatility in working with real people talent and laid the groundwork for her collaborations with many top brands including Ford, McDonald’s, and Anheuser-Busch.