Cryptozoo Premieres at Sundance 2021, Sells to Magnolia Pictures

Published 01.26.2021

Cryptozoo took flight at the virtual 2021 Sundance Film Festival, held Thursday, January 28 through Wednesday, February 3. Military brat Lauren spent her childhood nights in a nightmarish state, until a mythical baku came to eat her dreams, releasing her from nocturnal torment. Lauren decides to dedicate her life to rescuing and sheltering cryptids from those who seek to exploit them, so she becomes a cryptozookeeper. But when Lauren’s and Amber’s paths cross, Lauren begins to wonder if displaying these rare beasts in confinement is better than enabling these mythical creatures to remain hidden and unknown

Co-produced by Washington Square Films and Low Spark Films, the film was written and directed by filmmaker/animator, Dash Shaw, who also helmed the festival darling My Entire High School School Sinking Into The Sea (2016). Shaw won the NEXT Innovator Prize presented by Adobe for the film, rapidly sold to Magnolia Pictures for distribution.