“Save Yourselves!”, “The Evening Hour” Premiere at Sundance Film Festival

Published 12.04.2019

Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson’s film Save Yourselves took Sundance by storm this year, with a comedic take on a young couples’ struggle to survive an impending apocalypse. The film centers around protagonists Su and Jack, who attempt a phone-free getaway only to find themselves out-of-the know during an alien invasion. 

“There’s only one joke in Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson’s ‘Save Yourselves!’ — this hapless generation is doomed! — but the survival comedy is delightful from start to apocalypse.” – Variety

Save Yourselves will also screen at the 2020 SXSW Film Festival, as a part of the “Festival Favorites” programming, with screenings on March 16, March 18 and March 20.

In another Sundance premiere, Braden King’s The Evening Hour tells the story of Cole Freeman (Philip Ettinger), who by day tenderly takes care of the elderly and by night deals prescription drugs according to his own moral code. The drama gives light to a small town in Appalachia, and the struggle to survive in the midst of a rampant opioid crisis.

“One of King’s greatest achievements in this look at small-town life is portraying the density and age of relationships that link the characters…” – The Playlist