WSF Signs Director Anson Fogel

Published 08.22.2019

Washington Square Films has signed Anson Fogel for U.S. commercial representation. Fogel’s carefully imagined style is defined by rich sound and picture as showcased in his cinematic work for such top brands as Apple, Volkswagen, Burger King, GE, Microsoft, The North Face, Red Bull, National Geographic, Jeep and Marriott. With a diverse skillset as a director, writer, producer and DP, he brings a holistic approach to his enigmatic work spanning commercials, experimental shorts, feature films and photography. He is currently nominated for a 2019 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Commercial” for his work on the iPhone “Don’t Mess With Mother” spot.

Fogel has won over 20 major film festival awards, including  the Grand Prize and three other awards at Banff 2011, Grand Prize at New Zealand, The Fowler Award at Telluride, The Camera prizes at Trento and Gratz, and had two narrative short film premieres at major film festivals. He is currently based in Boulder, Utah.