Abel Ferrara’s Tribeca Premiere

Published 02.04.2019
Abel Ferrara’s The Projectionist had its world premiere at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.  In his first New York City-set documentary in nearly a decade, filmmaker and provocateur Ferrara uses the experience of one longtime cinema owner, Nick Nicolaou, to chart the vast changes to the city’s theatrical landscape. 
The Projectionist remains a warmly embraceable immigrant story of the most venerable, traditional sort.”
– The Hollywood Reporter
“…this affable, shaggy affair is full of gold for aficionados of exploitation movies and the old, dirty Gotham.”
– Flavorwire
“With The Projectionist, Abel Ferrara follows Nicolaou to create a love letter to New York City’s theatrical heritage in this stimulating and reverent documentary… And we’re all better off for it.”
– 812 Film Reviews
“Abel Ferrara’s documentary excels as a kind of cultural microcosm, rich in its broader implications.”
– Slant Magazine
photo credit: Deadline Tribeca Studio