WSF Signs Andrew Lane

WSF Signs Andrew Lane

Jul 17, 2019

Washington Square Films has signed director and hidden camera expert Andrew Lane for U.S. commercial representation. With a distinct talent for uncovering humanity in unexpected moments, his hidden camera work leaves audiences with piqued curiosity and a desire to connect. He seamlessly blends his experience in reality television with masterful storytelling, helming memorable work for top brands such as Google, Mountain Dew, AllState, Stella Artois, Diesel and Bud Light. He has also worked on a number of today’s top reality television hit shows, including Top ChefProject Runway, and Stormchasers. His work has earned widespread industry acclaim, including three Cannes Lions for his powerful work for States United to Prevent Gun Violence and several Lions for his 2018 work for Diesel Go with the Fake that tackled counterfeit culture head-on with a clever hidden camera pop-up store.

“It is immediately evident Andrew is great with hidden camera and man-on-the-street work,” notes Washington Square Films Head of Sales and Marketing Jonathan Schwartz. “But what I was most struck with was the range of emotion and performance. If you can make someone laugh and cry on the same reel you are accomplishing something.”

“Washington Square Films has such an impressive roster of talent and a proven track record of producing superior work across commercials and film,” adds Lane. “I’m excited to partner with such an established and respected company to continue to grow my commercial career.”

As a Texas-native, Lane studied advertising in Austin at the University of Texas, prior to taking on a brief stint on the agency side as a copywriter. He later made his way to New York, rapidly building up an impressive hidden camera directorial career, working alongside top brands and TV shows.

The NYC-based director is known for his unique directorial stylings that fuse impeccable multi-camera technical execution with an eye for compelling narratives spanning hijink-driven comedy to emotional PSAs.