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Road Trip

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Erik Curtis

Florida native Erik Curtis got the filmmaking itch early on. As a notably enterprising teenager, he cold-called every production company in a 50-mile radius for the opportunity to assist on set. The location where he worked his first professional gig would ten years later become the set of his first commercial as a director. Fascinated with the entire production process, Curtis transitioned behind the camera, stinting in camera assistance & operating before finding his groove as a DP. He has worked as a DP across various commercial and film projects, including second unit DP roll work on the Harmony Korine-helmed Spring Breakers as well as on Sunlight Jr., a feature film starring Naomi Watts and Matt Dillon that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Aspirational snapshots of treasured moments that unfold with refreshing relatability mark his directorial work for such top brands as Disney Theme Parks, Universal Theme Parks, Spectrum, Publix, Visit Florida, and Hertz, among numerous others. Heightened interest from repeat clients ushered in an organic transition to work as a director, where he has been able to successfully combine his experience across diverse roles to create fluid communication across all departments, resulting in lifestyle work that delivers a heartwarming slice of life.