Michael McCourt


MICHAEL MCCOURT’s directing career began over a decade ago, when a passion for fine art photography developed into a love for live-action filmmaking. After graduating from the University of Miami, McCourt traveled to Southern California, where he began cultivating his skills in film production, commercials, music videos, and episodic television.

At Sundance Filmmakers Labs, McCourt collaborated for eleven years with fellow directors, helping them refine their craft. He spent countless hours working in post-production, developing an editorial eye while continuing to create his own work. Drawing on these experiences, McCourt approaches film with an understanding of the bigger picture, which allows him to consistently maximizes production value on shoots.

McCourt has a reputation for bringing a human touch to filmmaking and for fully immersing himself in projects. He believes that the camera should act as a curious eye, uncovering previously unseen details and completely immersing viewers in a visceral visual experience. His commercial work is vibrant, beautiful, and rich in authenticity. Above all, his spots for clients such as Bose, Buick, Spectrum, Budweiser, Maine Tourism, Cleveland Clinic and many others, are designed to tell great stories.

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